M4 - Reflection

the power of art

Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam. Main studio. Photo: Rita Rodner

Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam. Main studio. Photo: Rita Rodner

During the recent trip to Amsterdam I visited the Rembrandt House Museum. My friend recommended it but I was quite reluctant knowing that there will be not much time and potentially a lot more interesting stuff to see there, but in the last afternoon I decided to go as I was passing by the place. It was late and there was just one person apart from me walking through the rooms. I am writing about it as I experienced something really emotionally strong. I don't know why, I never was a real Rembrandt's admirer but the place, light, objects, paintings on the wall, silence....it was all so beautiful and moving that I had tears in my eyes. It happened to me a couple of times before when I saw the abstract works of my favourite painters. I experienced, however pompous it may sounds, the power of art. It was some kind of confirmation/reminder for me that there is a meaning in just the act of making art. I know that deep inside but that unexpected experience in the Rembrandt Museum gave me a physical, tactile evidence.

I needed that reminder because I'm tormented with the question about the sense of all that struggles with finding my own place in photography. The answer is as simple as the reason for starting this course: I am doing this for myself because I feel the urge to create, and I need the new method/medium for expressing my ideas. I want to feel again that pleasure and excitment when looking at the finished image and feel that 'this is it', the satisfaction that all the forms there are just in the perfect configuration, 

I'd like to be able to convey in my works the ineffable strength and beauty of the abstract compositions, colours, dynamics between forms etc. and I'd like other people to see it...

During the break, I've read a couple of chapters from the 'That's the way I see it' by David Hockney. He has a great ability to express his thoughts in simple, unpretentious way and I seriously agree with most he feels and think. TBC...

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