M4 - Week 3 - The digital. New Possibilities


I joined Instagram only a year ago. I have my accounts on other platforms (500px, Flickr) for a bit longer and I thought I don't need another one as it takes so much time to manage them. The only reason I activated my Instagram account was the need to store and share the more casual, everyday snapshots, sort of photo-diary. I wasn't aware that Instagram is such a popular marketing tool and was very disappointed with a number of advertisements, fake accounts, people hunting for likes and follows, calculations, strategies etc. It is definitely the most popular platform and most people I know, who deal with photography or other art mediums, have an Instagram account so it is a great way to stay in touch with all of them but there are o lot of annoying practices there which I don't want to have anything to do with. 

I don't want but it is hard to not take part in the game of likes and follows. I have that stupid feeling that I should follow/like back which is sometimes quite uncomfortable. I used to 'like' most or all posts of people I know just because I have some kind of relationship with them or I like their previous works. It doesn't cost anything and maybe it is a nice thing to do, but by doing that I am becoming a part of the machinery I despise. So I am trying to resist now. If everyone would do that the likes and follows would mean something. 


I found this idea of releasing the image which could potentially go viral quite interesting but in the end, I gave up with this activity. I managed to find the image I thought is pretty intriguing but then I realised that it will take a lot of effort and attention to proceed with the task and then track the outcome. I have so little time each day due to a full-time job and two hours of commuting, that I really have to spend it on thinking and developing my project because otherwise, I will not get anywhere. I may come back to this task one day though.

On dispaly. Rita Rodner

On dispaly. Rita Rodner