I am shooting almost every day. There is still a bit of light when I am back from work at 5pm and have about half an hour for the mini session. I don't have enough space to set up the proper studio lighting, well maybe it would be possible somehow but it would be tricky. And I like the natural light. At 5pm is soft enough to light up nicely my mini stage. The colours are natural and I need really a minimum of post-production adjustments.

I focus on the small objects mainly from the kitchen during the last couple of weeks. I can control to some extent the HDR glitches and predict the blending/mixing which is even more interesting now. I can 'design' the composition up front as I know what types of effects will be achieved with different camera movement. It is of course very general outline as the effects in details are every time different. The tiniest difference has a big impact on how the camera will merge the images together and what new form will appear.

It is new to me that excitement about the unpredictable forms. So far I did not allow myself to take advantage of visual accidents/coincidences no matter how stunning they were. I thought it is too easy. Today I am fine just with the fact that I decide what I photograph and I take decision what stays and what is deleted. 

It is intrinsic to the alternative techniques and all experimental endeavours with this medium, that the outcome is to some extent unpredictable. In many cases, it is actually an ultimate goal to reveal the new worlds of forms, the unreal spaces impossible to imagine.