Things are pretty fluid at the moment but I think I can see some basic characteristics of my very fresh photographic DNA.

  • Abstract, unconventional and experimental - that is the area of photography which I identify with the most
  • I am not interested in creating straight photographs
  • I make, not take images
  • I tend to focus on abstract qualities of the photographed subjects regardless of their kind
  • I look for intriguing and visually attractive properties in things around me, try to extricate them and expose in my works in more prominent way
  • Multidisciplinary approach is my long term goal. I want to combine photography with other mediums in my projects
  • I am rather impatient with the technical aspects of photography 
  • I don’t like to follow any rules
  • I want my audience to be aesthetically pleased and surprise

I decided to study photography because it is the most versatile and in the same time most tricky medium I worked with. I knew that I need to revise my knowledge and understanding to get the most of it. It felt important to get rid of the old habits and common beliefs about what photography is and is not.

And it works so far. Thanks to the course my eyes are open to new methods, techniques and approaches. 

I focus on ordinary objects in my current project but I may include the human body, nature or any other subject in my future works. When devoid of their usual context, the most ordinary things become fascinating forms. I want to be able to convey that in my works for others to experience/perceive.