M4 - Week 2 - You are a business


This is, and always was the most stresfull and painfull hence neglected area in my practice - the writing bit. Articulating something which is at it's best when not written or spoken but just felt, is truly frustrating and never fully satisfying.

I know I am not alone but it hardly helps...Maybe it's a matter of finding the right form for the words. Something which might not sound witty and impressive but just honest, simple and straightforward? Probably....

I did not form an official statement but put together some thoughts about the current state of my practice.

I don't think I will ever work as a commercial photographer although I thought about that many times. My social skills are rather poor and I don't feel comfortable when around people, especially those I don't know at all so for now I dropped the plans about any form of photographic business. All I want to focus on at the moment is my own method, 'receipie' for consistent and recognisable style to be able to think about 'what' I want to illustrate with my image, not 'how'. 

I don't want to tell stories about important problems in the world. A lot of people is doing a great job in this area. I want to take the the ordinary objects into space where they exist free from they utilitarian functions. I want to ennoble the unwanted and cheap things, look at the common and unnoticeable from the different side, reuse the neglected ones. The physical properties of materials and objects interest me since I remember. All those shapes and forms became even more fascinating since I understood abstraction. Similarly to what happened when I was dealing with painting, drawing and wearable art, my current photographic works are heading towards abstraction and I feel more and more excited when shooting nowadays. It feels like entering the familiar and friendly territories where every step takes me to another beautiful space full of harmony and beauty.

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