M4 - Project developement

Multiple layers of transformation

I work as an UI designer in a bank to make my living and the hours spend in front of the screen looking at the vector geometry of the software interface I work with and the objects I compose together, certainly influenced the way I see.

I find the abstract compositions which unintentionally appear on the screen while I am working very interesting for couple of reasons. Firstly for they undeniable aesthetic qualities, secondly for the abstractness of the digital vector objects which are ultimately a sequences of the mathematical commands.

It is nothing new for me at the moment to use the UI Interface elements in my works, I have done that in the previous module for the firs time, but what I did this week was slightly different. I begun to add a layer of a geometric pattern specific to the electronic displays - the moiré fringes, the effect of the overlapping patterns of the screen pixels, and the camera light sensors.