M4 - Week 9 - Tell a story!

This week's task only proved what I was well aware of - I am not a good storyteller.

I keep telling myself that not all photographic works have to tell the story, at least not in the common understanding of the term 'story'. That is how I currently approach this medium - by creating a 'storyless' works.

It was pretty hard to come up with the idea for the story with the beginning, middle and the end as required in a brief, but I wanted to give it a go and in the end decided to photograph my rather boring daily office routine.

It is, let's be honest, a failure, I would never be able to sell it to any magazine (and would never try to) but I like some of the shots - the cables under the desk which I photographed many times before and find very interesting, and the white board with not very carefully wiped scribbles which may be a beginning of the mini project about the white board layers of traces. It reminds me of the mesmerising works of Idris Khan, the ones where he write/drew and then wipe it out and do it again to achieve the rich, multilayered depiction of the invisible words.  

White board, Rita Rodner

White board, Rita Rodner