M4 - Week 10 - Photography and its Fine Art market

Very interesting interview with Francesca Genovese, the owner of the Francesca Maffeo Gallery in this week course material. 

Francesca Genovese Interview - screenshot from the video.

Francesca Genovese Interview - screenshot from the video.

 It is getting much clearer now, what is important nowadays and how to approach galleries to have a chance to 'steal' a bit of attention from people like Francesca, who runs a gallery and have some portfolios to review on a daily basis. There was a couple of other interviews in the previous weeks with various people working in the photography industry, but this one is the most valuable for me as it's strictly related to the art galleries world which I'd like to approach in the very near future. 

Although I had a multiple solo and group exhibitions before, I find it quite hard to lift-off now in this new, dynamic world of art photography. In the past, in most cases I approached the galleries in person and it worked well, but I don't live in a big city, nor even town nowadays and it gets really hard to visit the places where I could potentially show my works (which is by the way not a great idea as Francesca explained).

The other thing is that I am not ready yet rally. The projects I am developing are coming together nicely by I still need time to edit, write statement, print, create digital portfolio, etc. I am convinced that it is better to not rush those things, I have to feel that I am mentally ready for it and have all those physical and digital materials presented in the way it is supportive not diminishing my work.

I am selecting the images for print this week. I ordered fifteen 12''x 8'' C-type prints on the Fuji Professional VELVET flat matt paper. It will be the first round to check out the colours, tones, contrast etc.