M4 - Folio Friday at The Photographers' Gallery

My recent trip to London luckily coincided with the Folio Friday event organised monthly by Photographer's Gallery. 


I arrived there quite late, somewhere around 4pm so it was already two hours since the room was opened to public. The fact that the room was almost empty was slightly intimidating, I felt it will be rather wrong to look at the portfolios and not having the conversation with the author so I mainly looked at the portfolios where the author was not present. That was not the behaviour I'd expect from the public if I was sitting on the other side of the table but I somehow totally did not feel like talking with authors so just walked around scanning briefly the tables content. I stopped on the last one though intriguiged by the small photobook.

Shahram Saadat - Folio Friday

Shahram Saadat - Folio Friday