John F. Peto

This is really spectacular discovery by Paul Clemens - painter John Frederick Peto. Forgotten but luckily rediscovered master of trompe l'oeil (that's how Wikipedia define it, I'd say 'hyperrealism').

John F. Peto.jpg
Exploiting the fallibility of human perception, the trompe l'oeil painter depicts objects in accordance with a set of rules unique to the genre. For example, Peto and Harnett both represented the objects in their paintings at their actual size, and the objects rarely were cut off by the edge of the painting, as this would allow a visual cue to the viewer that the depiction was not real. But the main technical device was to arrange the subject matter in a shallow space, using the shadow of the objects to suggest depth without the eye seeing actual depth. Thus the term trompe l'oeil—"fool the eye". Wikipedia

I very much admire his choice of subject, composition, colour and of course the fantastic skills to turn the reality into the image with photographic qualities. 

There is everything which attracts me visually there - the ordinary object, interesting texture, typography, symbols, layers, the shallow depth, even the 'x' shape which is one of my most favourite combination of two lines.

What if I'd used one of his paintings as a starting point in my layering process?...I could as well recreate the same composition but with the current, contemporary objects...



John F. Pet