Week 5 - Power and Responsibilities

Photograph: Jeff Mitchell/Getty Images (from:  www.theguardian.com )

Photograph: Jeff Mitchell/Getty Images (from: www.theguardian.com)

"(...)Photographers are there to record stories, as they happen and when they happen, in the best way we can. But what happens after that, how our images are used, can be out of our control, especially in the digital age – which is unfortunate, particularly in this case.(...)" Jeff Mitchell, Guardian 

I find this statement writen in context of the Ukip campaign quite distasteful. I know it is difficult to keep control on the photos published in social media but selling the hi-res photograph is a different story.

It seems like this photograph was taken with only one intention - to get money out of it. I certainly know nothing about photojournalism and it may sound very naive but I think photographers should take responsibility for their works if they take credits too. Isn't that just another example of callousness and hipocracy?

From Mitchell's point of view it was just ‘unfortunate” that the photo was used in a despicable way agains migrants in times when they need support and solidarity. The whole controversy around Ukip campaign surely brought his name into the spotlight and he can proudly present his "best photograph” on Guardian pages without even expresing the shadow of regret...