Week 7 - Strategic Choices

All the stages of the picture making (planning, execution, delivery) require creative decisions. Even seemingly effortless photographs created thanks to the lucky coincidence of being in the right place at the right time are executed mainly thanks to the vision, intuition and creative innovation. William Eggleston works are a great example of the combination of all these factors. His photographs are not planned or staged, all are the records of moments in the ordinary life but even though he relies on luck, his works are characterised by very distinctive style. 

My example of a photographic faux pas/'mistake' in respose to this week task:

'Beast', Rita Rodner

'Beast', Rita Rodner

This photo represents very common ‘too slow shutter speed’ case. I didn’t manage to change settings when trying to catch my cat yawn and that’s the effect. I normally delete unintentionally blurred photos straight away but with this one I was actually glad that I failed. I really like this ‘beast’ as I call it. There is something beautiful in this seemingly sinister and primitive form. It evokes similar feelings I have when watching Francis Bacon’s paintings. 

This photograph has become the first of my “Beast’ series and encouraged me to experiment with long exposures.