Week 10 - Theory in practice

One of the tasks this week was to come up with a short statement to communicate the current theoretical position in my own practice. It is now a couple of weeks later already and I still have a problem with articulating it but I think I am getting closer.

I thought intensively of what subjects I want to explore during the next months of study and the answer was slowly revealing itself through the photographs I was taking on the daily basis. As an artist, designer and object maker I look for the new ways of visual representations of the subjects which were always important in my practice: abstract forms, compositions, materials, objects...Photography allows me to explore the areas of my interest in a way none of the old/traditional methods were able to but it is challenging to work out the methods of working with this versatile medium. I am not interested in 'recording' the world, my photographs do not mean to document the 'realness' of the particular moment in time. I am looking for the fragments of reality which are stand alone 'beings" thanks to their aesthetic values and the reasons behind their existence. I am interested in the way functional aspects determine the materiality of forms as well as the interactions between human and objects and their visual evidence.