M3 - Week 2 - Strategies of Mediation

I have never considered using works (or their fragments) of another artist as part of my own project. Simply because I never had and idea which would required it, and because I would be/I am afraid of legal implications of appropriation,   it was just easier to rely on my own works.

It depends of course what kind of works I would like to use. Old, anonymous family photograph found somewhere on a flee market or purchased on Ebay is a totally different story than the recreation, remixing or copying the work which copyrights belongs to some artist. Seeking permission or at least crediting the author seems pretty obvious to me.

Even now when I see the undeniable benefits of appropriation/remixing, the idea of recreating someone else's work feels quite distant, but I am convinced that my reflections on this matter will grow to some concepts in the future.

What are the potential benefits? One for sure is just a simple fact of doing something different, which always brings up a new points of view, emotions, reflections, everything... It opens some new possibilities, more conceptual thinking, surprising outcomes... Another benefit for me I think would be the ability to understand better works of other artists who use those methods of expression, and the most contemporary art in general. I feel that my understanding, appreciation and expectations of art are quite old fashioned and absorbing the new techniques would be eye-opening. 

I am strongly impressed by works of John Butler, Johnny Brigs, Corinne Vionnet, Maurizio Anzeri and many other artists I have never come across before. I started to think about the tons of my own photos collected during the last 20 years, how could I turn them to something more meaningful than snaphots? 

I find John Stezaker and Victor Burgin point of view about the world extremely saturated with images very interesting but too extreme. I agree that the photographs recorded so far create an extremely rich library of material to process, re-purpose or re-create but I can't imagine photography without new images, new points of view, new records of old and new ideas, or simply records of world which is different in every minute. I wonder why the saturation with images is considered as a negative fact and `i think it is because we are now on the verge of the times when photography was something special and the reality where an image has become as common as any other means of communication: spoken and written word. Stopping people from taking the photographs would mean nowadays to stop them to communicate. 

Making trailer which was one of the activities this week was surprisingly very interesting. I always thought video making and editing is not my thing, too difficult and too time consuming. It turned out to be easy, enjoyable and took me really just a few hours to work out how to use iMovie and do the basic editing. It is a very short and simple piece but I am happy I did not give up on this task.