M3 - WEEK 0 - Photobook Microproject

The publication of the photographic body of work, in response to Ed Rauscha photobooks, was the subject of the microproject during the break beetwen the Positions & Practice and Surfaces & Strategies modules.

Pipe alphabet. Rita Rodner

Rauscha's photobooks are a phenomenon from the verge of the conceptual art, photography and graphic design. His works are straightforward, executed with automatic, emotionless approach characteristic to typologies and documentary works but his intention was actually not of the photographic nature.

As he states he was never interested in photography, the books he created were the result of the concept to create a book not a photographic body of work. And that's what makes his books so unique and interesting. By creating a book from the photographs which by themselves are pretty unattractive or even boring, he is nobilitating both the subject and the photograph. 

I decided to create the project about the subject I observed for quite a while but never thought of doing more complex and consistent body of work based on it - the pipe layouts on the front side of houses. I photographed 39 front walls of the houses in my village. What is really fascinating about it is the fact that every single layout is unique even though the houses seems to be almost identical. 

When walking through the streets and taking the photographs, I started to think about the compositions of pipes as symbols and then I realized it could be some sort of alphabet. Following that thought, I traced the linear shapes of the pipe compositions with black marker on the back of the small print of each 39 layouts.


TateShots: Ed Ruscha's Photography Books