M3 - WEEK 1 - Strategies of looking

Repeat photography, rephotography, re-enactment - all those terms were pretty new and seemingly unrelated to my own practice so it took me some time to digest the learning material and gather my thoughts and ideas on the subject.

The works of the artists like Shimon Attie (The Writing on the Wall), Nicholas Nixon (Forty Portraits in Forty Years), Wilma Hurskainen (Growth) and some others I got acquainted with, helped me enormously to realise how powerful all those, in fact straightforward, photographic methods are. 

I like in particular the spectacular works of Shimon Attie. The Writing on the Wall is very powerful because of the significance of the subject but as well thanks to the magnificent visual effect of the projected images. It feels almost like the time between 'then' and 'today' is accumulated in the stream of light and projected onto the wall. The Portraits of Exile is equally powerfull and even more visually stunning . The idea to put the lightboxes under the water just next to the Danish parliment building is simply brilliant. 

Recording the changes through time is so embeded into the nature of the photographic medium that a lot of us is using the repeat photography technique without even realising that. The photographs of the kids under the Christmas tree, or blowing the birthday cake candle are probably the most common example of that practice. 

I realised I use the idea of the repeat photography for as long as I have a camera. I wasn't as disciplined as I should to demonstrate the effectivenes of repeat photographs of the same subject in some time intervals and from the same vantage point, but my intentions were the same. I photographed myself to record the changes of my ageing body, my room to see the flow of objects, the tree I planted in my back garden etc... All with the same purpose - to freeze the moment to compare, confront and analize the changes, to see the evidences of passing time.

In response to this week's activity I created a mini repeat photography project based on the photograph I took half a year ago of my room.

Project documentation

Repeat photography - My room

Repeat photography - My room


Shimon Attie: The Writing on the Wall

Shimon Attie: Portraits of Exile