M3 - Week 8: Workshop Guidance

Workshop poster. Rita Rodner

Workshop poster. Rita Rodner

I feel lucky with the workshop as I had one planned not long ago and I only had to adapt it to my research project. It will happen on 3oth July at Stamford Arts Centre where I attend the life drawing class since last year.

The organisers (Welland Valley Art Society) gave me a freedom to transform the structure of this workshop into more experimental and multidisciplinary activity which will combine drawing/painting, photographic techniques and elements of performance - all focusing on the subject of body, objects and materials.

Low fidelity schedule:

  • The stage will be created in the middle of the studio where the model will interact with objects/materials - the subject of my research project.
  • The participants will be asked to focus on the composition (rather than the details of the body or props) and arrange the elements on the paper/canvas in a way they would crop the photograph. I will bring some cameras and viewfinders to help frame the composition.
  • I will try to initiate the conversation about the influence of optical devices - the predecessors of photography, and photography itself on art ( I am going to mention the David Hockney's 'Secret knowledge' documentary)
  • I will demonstrate the camera lucida functionality
  • Camera obscura will be created in the studio during the lunch time break
WIP. Rita Rodner

WIP. Rita Rodner

I already started to explore the visual potential of the direct presence of the body in relation to objects/materials on my photographs. I am hoping that this workshop will bring a lot of new ideas and interesting records to analyse.