M3 - Week 9: Workshop

The worksop I run on 30th of July was a combination of the drawing and painting activities focused on the body, materials and objects subject with some photographic techniques proceeded by the introduction about the about my artistic practice and the influence of optical devices on traditional art.

I have never run any workshops before and was prepared for the total disaster. I usually don't feel comfortable speaking in public but this time I felt completely calm and self-confident which helped enormously to build the right atmosphere for the quite experimental agenda of this workshop (which originally was supposed to be a traditional figure drawing class).

Camera obscura projection, Rita Rodner

Camera obscura projection, Rita Rodner

The camera obscura projection was one of the biggest highlights of my workshop. I think everyone have to experience it by himself to understand the incredible feeling when the image suddenly appear on the surface.  

I thought that, thanks to the presence of the model, it will be a great opportunity to investigate the visual potential of the human/objects/materials interactions and record the spontaneous performance happening in the studio but i didn't predict that I will be so preoccupied with the workshop agenda that I won't have a time to focus on observing and photographing the situations I had in mind. To be fair, I had only a vague idea about what I want to achieve on my photographs there. I was hoping that the situation itself will generate some spontaneous opportunities but I was too distracted by simply managing the whole event, talking with people, discussing the poses with model etc.

I took some photographs but they're rather the documentation of the event than intentional captures of the human-object interaction which could feed into my research project. I think I will focus on more abstract expression of this subject with the focus on the traces/evidences of human presence.

Workshop shots. Model: Laura, photo: Rita Rodner