M3 - Week 5: Seven weeks to go!

The week five introduced me to the challenging and intense program for the following seven weeks. I will (ideally) organise a group exhibition, create a publication and run a workshop during that timeframe.

The purpose of these activities is to generate the circumstances which may enrich, influence or even change the direction of my research project. 

We were asked to select curators and designers among the group, who will voluntarily take care of the exhibition subjects and visual identification. I volunteered (encouraged by Philip Singleton) for the designer role as it is surely my comfort zone after years of designing various digital and printing material. It was with mixed feelings though due to the fact that I have extremely limited time working full time and commuting to work for more than 2h a day...But we became the design team eventually

I volunteered to be a designer but very soon after that I realised I don't now really what are the responsibilities of the exhibition designer as I never met anyone whose role would be so specific. As I intuitively assumed it is about designing the exposition and visual identification but as well about the communication with client, costs management and supervision of the work on site (https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/exhibition-designer).

The exposition part was not relevant in these case as the works will be displayed in many locations around the globe and authors are responsible for their scale and quality. We shared then the other applicable responsibilities between Philip and myself. Philip took over the communication and coordination, I designed the concept for print and web visual identification.

My aim was to create something neutral but at the same time visually strong. I created a couple of concepts from which the one with torn images of all students was selected. There was a couple of factors which influenced the selection of this particular design concept. Unlike the other ones, it does not imply any specific photographic genre and there is a small visual piece of each student work on it, which I find 'nice to have'. I was taking into account as well financial aspects and concisely worked out the fairly light layout having in mind costs of print.

Exhibition visual identification, FB header. Rita Rodner

Exhibition visual identification, FB header. Rita Rodner