M3 - Week 6: Exhibition Guidance

I have really mixed feelings regarding my WIP exhibition. One day it seems very exciting but the next day I feel like I don't want to do it...I totally don't mind to share my works with some audience in one way or another but I don't have any interesting ideas for the alternative space to show my works. Nothing fits really...

I'd like the space and the form of the exhibition to support my works, and I can't think of a better space for them at the moment than empty gallery walls. My reflection after visiting the Derby festival in April was that I was paying attention to the form of display rather than the photographed subjects. There was a lot of different, quite experimental solutions there and I just remember those new ideas, not the photographs. I'd like to avoid that but in the same time I know that this exhibition is just a useful exercise so I should not be too ambitious. Any space would be better than none.

My workplace is the most probable option at the moment but after the recent conversation with the facilities manager, I know already that the wall space I thought about can't be taken into account. I got permission from the manager of my team to show the works in our team area which means on the walls right next to my desk. I like the fact that most wall space is covered with a layer of cork which is itself an interesting material. The fact that there is such an accumulation of contemporary objects there is a benefit too.

What I don't like is my presence there. I am thinking of taking a couple of days off, to leave the space for the audience to experience my works without the feeling of being watched by me. I'd like to ask for the anonymous comments in the notebook and I am sure my absence will encourage more people to express they opinions there.

Exhibition space. Rita Rodner

Exhibition space. Rita Rodner

Exhibition space. Rita Rodner

Exhibition space. Rita Rodner

If I could chose I'd like to exhibit my works on the huge panoramic billboards on the streets on busy cities (like work of Felix Gonzales-Torres), walls in the underground transport or projected on some surfaces like works of Shimon Attie. It would be marvelous to see the nobitilation of the ordinary matter not just by choosing it as a subject but as well by exposing to thousands of people with intention to find their appreciation for different values of those objects than their primary function. 

My work represents the ability to see and admire the essence of the formal values of physical objects which may seem unattractive and unwanted. 

In the 'I am real photographer' David Hurn says that Arnatt's works are...

...about looking – about the difference between knowing something and seeing something; the fact that we might know that this is a bit of orange or a cake, but when we see it taken out of context, photographed in a way we don’t normally see, it can look like a Turner or a Chardin, a Cezanne, or a Valazquez. They're magical - conceptual and totally photographic at the same time.

It is a pretty common ability amongst the artists I think, and there are many great examples of the art where the subject commonly regarded as unattractive and boring become a visually fascinating phenomenon when recorded in a creative process. Works of Arnatt are perfect example but there is as well Laura Letinsky, Nigel Schafran, Wolfgang Tillman and many more who share very similar way of looking.


David Hurn, Clare Grafik: I'm a Real Photographer: Photographs by Keith Arnatt

Felix Gonzales-Torres

Shimon Attie