Landings 2017 - Work in progress exhibition. Northampton, UK

As planned, my exhibition took place at my workplace - Barclaycard office in Northampton. It is a very informal and rather quiet exposition, placed in the area designed for hiding and focusing if the open space is too challenging. I am happy I decided to change my initial idea of having the works on the walls right next to my desk as it would be disruptive for me and the rest of the team. The final space is just a couple of meters away, but because is separated by the translucent panels it gives the sense of privacy and comfort of looking without being observed. There is as well very convenient space for the publication (my third dummy) to look at and leave the potential comments. 

It was a good experience to talk to a small group of people about my project. I think there was a genuine interest in what I was talking about and a couple of interesting questions. 

I hope I'll be able to share some comments at the end of the week.

17 August 2017. A couple of comments: