M4 - Week 1 - From here to there

At the end of the last module, I felt pretty happy with the works produced and the direction of my project in general, even though focusing on the packaging and postal supplies was limiting and misleading. I did not intend to give the environmental issues so strong voice in my works either, so although happy with the outcome I knew that the rethinking the whole subject and defining further approach is necessary.

One of the most important realisation at the end of the previous module and during the break was that I want to navigate my project into the abstraction. I want to find my own method of illustrating the formal aspects of objects and materials physical properties as this is the area I am fascinated with, since the early day days of my artistic practice.

I think I got slightly off track due to quite overwhelming trend in photography at the moment promoting and supporting the storytelling as the leading purpose of the photographic practice. I tried to find a subject with some social significance, an important problem to comment on or raise awareness, but I know now that I don't want to tell stories, at least not yet...I want to be able to create images which evoke the astonishing beauty and harmony of forms and colours found in the very ordinary world of objects and materials around me. 

Seven pictures - Michael Christopher Brown

This week activity is from the the Photographer’s Playbook by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern which features the photography assignments and stories. It is the Michael Christopher Brown assignment about photographing for seven days only what is absolutely necessary. ...'What are the seven pictures that not only define the week, but yourself? What if you were to die next week and these were to be the last seven pictures of your life?...

It was impossible to shoot only what's neccesary in this particular week. It was a face 2 face event in Amsterdam and too many tempting photo opportunities. So I aonly managed to select those I would not mind to be my last 7 images. They tell a bit about my admiration to simple, ordinary objects, abstraction, muted colours, geometry, melancholy...