FMP - Carlo Rovelli

I have found the writer about science who is able to write in a beautiful and relatively simple way about very difficult subjects: Carlo Rovelli. Since I have read the “Chaos” by John Gleick in my early twenties, my perception about the physics changed completely. It was no longer the boring and difficult school subject but immensely fascinating space of knowledge about the world.

Rovelli is a scientist and writer and I really love the way he explains such a difficult subjects like relativity theory, quantum mechanics, time, etc. His books are available in audio format which is very convenient. Sometimes when I don’t have to do anything engaging me mentally, I listen Rovelli’s books at work. It is not the same as reading so I will buy the paper books eventually too.

The “Reality is not what it seems” is just fascinating. My perception of the world really changed and it is beautiful to understand a bit more although, as Rovelli points out, it is only the knowledge we have for now, the closest we can get to the truth but it doesn’t mean some future events/discovering won’t turn this understanding upside down.