FMP - Luisiana Museum and Laurie Anderson

There is an amazing exhibition at Luisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen about a Moon. It is on until 20th of January so I am hoping to see it when the times become less hectic.

One of the artists invited to take part is Katie Paterson - a conceptual artist I very much admire. In cooperation with some light specialist, she designed the bulb which simulate the light of the Moon.

I watched some short videos about this on Luisiana Chanel and come across the name of Laurie Anderson - another amazing and important to me artist. There is an brilliant interview with her which I watched making notes as I Identify with a lot what she talk about.

“I am an artist because I want to be free” that sentence reminded me to trust my own judgment and do what I feel is right. I want to feel free because the same as Anderson I don’t like when people tell me what to do. I have to though to some extend because I make my living from being a designer in the institution full of leaders and managers…But this is a sacrifice to be able to be free as an artist. Sometimes I look for confirmation of my way of thinking and get lost in the variety of other people opinions. I am trying to get the most of it and follow the advices but they can’t be in conflict with what I feel is right. Because then everything I do doesn’t have sense. So when deep inside I feel strong and convinced that what I do is good and honest - I should trust that feeling and stop searching for the confirmation. It is important to repeat this to myself again and again especially now when there is a lot of important decisions to take.

What I really want to make a note about in this post though is the video of the wonderful “Chalkroom” I found when looking for some other works of Laurie Anderson on the Luisiana Channel. The ‘Chalkroom’ is a virtual space of stories Laurie Anderson created in collaboration with the Taiwanese artist Hsin-Chien Huang.

“In ‘Chalkroom’ it is possible to float around virtually and to explore a hand-drawn universe of sentences and words written in chalk on the walls, guided all the while by Laurie Anderson’s voice – stories and storytelling are at the heart of the work.” Vimeo