FMP - 'Revelations - Experiments in photography'

'Revelations - Experiments in photography' is a compilation of essays by Ian Jeffey, Kelley Wilder, Gottfried Jager and Ben Burbridge. It is a brilliant little book packed with precious information and works of artist I have never heard of before.

On of the most interesting artists featured there is a Georgy Kepes whose name rings a bell but I don’t really know anything about him and his practice. He is an author of many books which I will try to track down and read post MA.

It is a great coincidence that I bought this book soon after I have made the photograms of the magnetic field. Now I can truly appreciate the work of Roberto Gillo. His magnetic field study from 1878 is so beautiful and impressive (page 50-51).

My practice is on the verge of the experimental and conceptual photography on one side and the photography with the scientific twist on the other. The “On dichotomies” project clearly illustrate that span. I started with the more rational approach and the still life images of some unique materials as well as macroscopic shots and ended up with the experimental luminograms.