FMP - Guest lecture - Laura Hynd

Wonderful lecture today by Laura Hynd.

Laura shared her very inspiring story of how she got to the point of being a professional photographer having at start just the love for photography and a determination. It was a very personal story about many obstacles but in the end big successes.

I really liked to listen about the story of the ‘behind the scenes’ images she produced for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread film, which I watched very recently. The photographs from that session are just stunning.

There is an interesting article about it on BJP:

Writing this reminded me about other very interesting Guest Lecture live sessions or recordings which I very much enjoyed during the course, the one with Sarah Pickering and Christiane Monarchi in particular.

I watched Christiane Monarchi lecture at least twice trying to memorise the facts, thoughts and very useful information she shared about the photography industry - how to approach galleries, write statement, prepare portfolio etc. I hope I’ll have a time to watch it again before loosing access to Canvas portal.