FMP - Back to landscape

I have started this project with the landscape images combined with computational geometric forms and the drawing/sketching and now, almost at the end, I am back to the same place but much more conscious of what is happening on the image surface and why.

The lines of source code I worked with in the last months using various methods (mainly the wet print transfer) are now turning into something visually significant and meaningful.

What is happening now is quite characteristic to my recent practice: I decontextualise the functional objects, in this care the lines of the code, and turn them into pure, abstract forms. So, in the most recent works I extracted the very common and recognisable shapes form the source code and changed their meaning by confronting their semantics with their shape. Magnified from the text size into the dimensions of large objects, the symbols like slash, bracket, colon, full stop, apostrophe etc., exist in the image on totally different terms. Placed in the open space of the natural landscapes the symbols are floating in space surreal forms. There is a contrast but in the same time harmony between those two entities - the organic/chaotic mass of physical world and the decontextualised symbols of written communication - the abstract, geometric forms. This fusion encompasses a lot of the important to me aspects and I feel that I am entering the space in infinite library of visual representation which is ‘mine’. The forms which originated in the written alphabet and are the components of the algorithms and other pieces of code building up the digital word means much more than just the abstract shape - they symbolise the absolute geometry, intellectual and spiritual side of human existence and most of all the virtual space of the post-internet world and the “behind the scene” of digital image.