FMP - Geanna Merola

When searching for the artist dealing with cameraless techniques, the photograms or luminograms in particular, I have found Geanna Merola, and Amarican artist and educator.

There is a great archive of her early and most recent works on the website:

The majority of works/projects are various types of innovative collages exploring the physicality and malleability of the photographic records. The works are poetic and imaginary, esspecially the “Pompei” and “Ellis island” series where Merola blends photography with painting and drawing:

The most intriguing for me is the Heads and Static due to the very familiar computational shapes, especially on the last image: The works were created in 1990 so they must have been very innovative at that time. They still are really. The combination of the non human patterns and the human figures in a form of an ancient sculptures is very striking and thought provoking. It illustrates to me the transformation of the human existence through centuries.

The ‘Twilight Series’ and “Signal to noise’ are created with a similar approach. The physical objects which capture the essence of humanity alongside with the images of nature are confronted with the cutting edge technological apparatuses which allow us to evolve on a new levels and search for the answers of who we are and what is beyond our current comprehension.