FMP - Final edit

The editing of images I produced during the last five months was I think the hardest part of this project. I should have started earlier to be able to create a few versions of the final body of work and select the one which I think works best. I simply did not have time for this. So I worked in the method of adding and removing until I felt it works. But at this point I lost the ability to see the ‘bigger picture”. It will be clear in some time when I’ll come back to this project with a clear head and will judge it not based on the whole process of production and the chain of thoughts, but on how and if it conveys what I intended and articulated in my statement.

Designing the exhibition layout was really helpful as I realised that some images even if attractive/interesting as a single pieces, did not worked well with others and I had to change completely the tactic. I think I finally got what it means to create a narrative within the body of work, even if the images are abstract, experimental and process-centric.

I realised also that to make the the images work together, some of them must be stronger and more aggressive with the form, and some quieter and interesting in a different way. All images in one body of work cannot “shout” with strong forms and striking compositions because then all of them loose prominence. There must be a sense of growing tension and then a relief, like in a musical composition. This is what is missing in my previous projects.

Designing the website in the form of a horizontal strip which can be moved to left or right was also helpful to see the flow. The website became my empty wall, which I in fact don’t have, and this is where the final selection of work was established.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 19.04.28.png