FMP - Guest critique sessions with Stella Baraklianou

Very helpful session this week with Stella Baraklianou - the tutor on the previous modules.

I shared with Stella the website flow, exhibition layout and the text on “About project” section which I just begun writing. Thanks to the feedback I got rid of some confusing sentences and made it more concise.

The subject of selling works, limited editions and certificates of authenticity raised by other student was very helpful too. Stella shared with us her experience in regards to selling, editions and certificates. This stopped me from signing the works on the back, luckily I signed just a couple of them. I will create the certificate of authenticity template and print a few copies in case someone would be interested in buying some works.

There is still a lot to add to the “About project’ page on the website but apart from that it’s finished and it will be ready to launch soon.

I like the format of the Guest Critique sessions. It is one of the very little opportunities to meet other students and also keep in touch with tutors from the previous cohorts.