FMP - Lightbox

I really enjoyed designing the exhibition layout and in the end had a lot of ideas about how to make the installation of works more interesting and engaging.

I thought about the small laser cut paper glyphs I could scatter on the floor of the gallery or a large vinyl self-adhesive slash or tilde shapes. In the end I dropped those ideas as I don’t want the glyphs motif completely dominate the exhibition.

I also returned to the idea with the element of light which I have primarily seen as a LED Matrix panels which I really like visually but which require the basic programming skills to make them work. It is something I’ll look into after the course as it seems doable with many tutorials available online. I just wanted to have one panel on and one off, but it would take too much time to work out how to do it and how to display it in the gallery.

I liked the idea of the element of light on the exhibition and I decided to search for the classic light boxes. I thought it is straightforward to find suppliers, but it wasn’t. Perhaps my research skills are not great or I am too impatient. There are many companies which offer various backlit frames, but most of them are for commercial purposes and are not available to buy online straight away. I contacted two companies and got a reply from one of them. As a result I did something completely crazy, but I think it was worth it. I am sure I could buy the lightbox frame much cheaper and the effect would be similar but because of the time constraints, I thought I have to decide as soon as possible. So I bought the super slim and mega expensive acrylic LED panel from the Litehouse which gives the evenly distributed light thanks to the unique technology of the laser cut grid on the acrylic sheet. I ordered it without the frame as the producer offers an extremely expensive frame for it. I had to order the frame anyway as it turned out that there is no other way to hang it on the wall…

Long story short - I have the lightbox and the printed on fabric scaled up ‘Algorithmic tree’ to display in it and it looks beautiful. The frame will arrive tomorrow so that’s not the end of the adventures with the lightbox. Really hope it will work in the end.