FMP - Final preparations for the exhibition

I am exhausted and nervous. I underestimated the scale of effort required to make the works ready for the exhibition. I’ll have roughly twenty five works on display. Some are framed, three of them are printed on large format fabric, two are large C-type prints mounted on Foamex board and one work will be in a backlit frame. All these forms of display challenged me in one way or another.

I had to find the solution how to hang the images on fabric so they can be easily taken off the walls as they’ll be hang on the projection wall needed for the music event in the gallery. The images on Foamex came without any fixing so I ordered and mounted the hanging plates. I thought it will be easy with the custom made aluminium frames but I had to unscrew one side of each frame to be able to insert the image, and additionally peel of the film from both sides of the the acrylic glass and then fight with the pieces of dust which the surface was attracting like a magnet.

The frame for lightbox which I mentioned in the previous post works great but I am concern with the weight of the whole piece. It will require the solid mount on the wall and drilling will be necessary. But I like it so it was worth the effort.

I like all of the works actually in their new physical embodiment. I am happy I decided to give up the photobook in favour to the exhibition even thought it’s such a hard work to make it happen.