FMP - Installing the exhibition

As I expected there was a couple “surprises” during the installation but somehow we’ve managed to install the works during one day. The walls are very tricky at Centrala - one very hard were there was no other choice but drill the holes, and the other very soft and weak. I had everything planned and prepared well, the hanging solutions for every single piece and the alternatives but it is impossible to predict everything. It took much longer to install and it was all rather stressfull so in a result I did not managed to take a good photographs of the display and will have to planned some time to have a proper session to produce a better quality shots for the documentation.

I am happy with the overall effect of the final display as it is really close to what I designed in Photoshop however there are a couple of disappointing details which I will try to fix asap. One is about the tints of colour on the large format prints which supposed to be in the greyscale, the second about the little wrinkles on the large images printed on fabric.

Perhaps none of them is very prominent and doesn’t affect the overall experience too much but I am a bit frustrated. I have not seen the colour shades in the light at home but on the wall next to other black&white prints one work could look much better if printed correctly. I sent it for print in greyscale but for some reason the grey is not really pure monochrome colour. Perhaps it is something characteristic to C-type prints? Need to read about it…