FMP - Statement

This is an eleventh version of the short statement I have been writing and rewriting during the last weeks. In these four paragraphs I’d like to encompass the essence of the project and I hope in this latest version I got it all concise and clear:

‘On dichotomies’ is a visual reflection on the omnipresent phenomenon of binary oppositions. It originates in the simple realisation that the nature of dichotomous pairs which I often understood as divisive and antagonistic, is in fact harmonious and complementary.

In this body of work, I revisit my perception of the seemingly conflicting entities and explore the balance and synergy that can exist between them. I focus in particular on dualities intrinsic to the photographic medium, which are in my works both the subject matter and the means of expressing it.

The images, created in the language of abstract forms and various experimental photographic techniques, tell a story about the coexistence of the analogue and digital, physical and virtual, organic and geometric, human and non-human, and many more dichotomous configurations which make up our contemporary world. 

It is a story that challenges what is real and exposes the relativity and fluidity of everything. A story that reveals the genius of chance and serendipity, and exposes the beauty of light manifesting its presence as pure blackness. It is also a tale of desire to see the unseen, and the joy from letting it be visible.