FMP - Printing

Having the layout for the exhibition at Centrala gallery, I was finally able to define the types of prints and sizes. The gallery space limitations determined the type of the print for the central wall which is in fact a projections screen which will be used during the music event. Because I want to have there the strong visually scaled up luminograms of the glyphs (full stop, slash) I had to come up with the option to take the prints easily off the walls, and the most obvious choice was the print on fabric. I ordered samples and really liked the quality, texture and the fact that the image became a tactile object I can interact with, without the fear of destroying it as it is in case of the paper prints.

I decided to have one more print on fabric with the detailed luminogram of the source code. I will also have a medium size C-type prints on Fuji matt paper mounted to Foamex. The unique gelatin silver prints will be framed with the very slim, custom made (5mm) black aluminium frames. I saw similar ones in TPG on the Trish Murtha’s recent exhibition and I loved them. I looked for the similar ones. It took me quite a while but I found them eventually, probably not the same but similar and ordered the required 10”x8” and 16”x12” sizes.

The downside of framing with glass are the inevitable reflections. The non-reflective museum glass is too expensive unfortunately.

I ordered the test strip for the works I have never printed before to make sure they have, esspecially the large prints, the correct, hue, contrast and intensity on the selected Fuji matt paper. They will be printed by Printspace in London.

test strip.jpg
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