FMP - Project website

The website was ready for almost a week before I finally decided to post the info about it. I spent those days on trying to improve the “About project” page where I explain briefly the most significant methods and processes crucial to understand and appreciate the works.

Writing was never easy for me and even though I am getting better (I think) in articulating the vague thoughts, concepts and intentions, writing info on this page took me more than it should considering the so-so quality. I will try to improve it post MA, now I am struggling with everything so it must be as it is.

In overall I am very happy with he website. I like the flow of images in the Gallery section and the minimal style. I used the Squarespace template which is quite popular but the uniqueness of the layout is not important really.

The website is, together with the exhibition, a main channel of dissemination of my project and I think it will do a great job for supporting the exhibition but also as a standalone publication.