FMP - Reprinting and rehanging

I decided to reprint the large format print which was printed with some colour hue instead of greyscale. I contacted Printspace and after investigation it turned out that I send the file for print in a grayscale which should have been converted to RGB. The greyscale image supposed to be saved in RGB format. It was not, and hence the issue. Not knowing yet that it is my fault, I asked Printspace if they could offer me some discount for the reprint and they did, even though it was my fault.

I very much appreciate that as the cost of the print and mount is £130 so the 60% discount they gave me makes a huge difference. I stopped counting how much I spent on the exhibition so far but its getting really uncomfortable to watch how my savings are melting down.

Knowing what is the reason for having slight colour shading on what’s supposed to be black & white print I decided to reprint also the full stop and slash on fabric which are also minimally affected.

I got the prints today and they look now as they should. The one from the Printspace will arrive tomorrow. I hope I’ll be able to drive to the gallery in the afternoon and replace the works so they are looking better for the last couple of days which are in fact most important due to the Closing Event.

I want also attach the Full stop and Slash to the wall using Velcro tape to avoid the little wrinkles which appear now because the fabric is wrapped around the little aluminium tube and hanged on the transparent thread. There are no music events for the next days at Centrala hence I’ll be able to use velcro and hang the images permanenly… Velcro works very well for the other print on fabric which is on the right hand side wall.