FMP - Exhibition Closing Event

Despite the very sad situation in my personal life I managed to enjoy the Closing Event - the planned last day of my exhibition. At the end of the event it turned that the exhibition will remain on the walls till the beginning of January.

The last day happened to be on the first friday of the month when there is a well known Digbeth First Friday event in Birmingham. Thanks to that, the attendance was much higher than it would be on any other day. It is really hard to say who came because of the exhibition promotion on the social media and who was just a regular DFF visitor. It doesn’t matter really. What matters is the very good feedback which both myself and the gallery staff received. Centrala collected some feedback on their printed templates which is designed as a survey and it relates also to the other exhibition on the first floor so I can’t really use it. It was a little bit of miscommunication in regards to the feedback. In a result I am left just with memories of the very positive verbal comments…

I met some interesting artists who I knew from a little research about Birmingham art scene as well as through friends. I met also one of the founders of the Room Art who encouraged me to contact them to discuss some future collaborative possibilities.