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IoP Symposium, Plenary, 21 Feb 2018

IoP Symposium, Plenary, 21 Feb 2018

Another Face 2 Face event - my third during the one year course - this time hosted by the Institute of Photography at Falmouth University. I am happy that it happened and I was able to attend. 

I decided to take advantage of the darkroom and spend the most of the day there learning from scratch how to print an image from the black and white film. I printed many images and even though some are decent, they will remain only an evidence of learning not a valuable input to my current project.

The experience though was very valuable and gave me an another indicator that the photographic 'fabric', the nature and essence of photography is one of the key factors in my practice. It is very recent realisation but I am getting more and more convinced that I have to look closer at the phenomenon of recording as well as a mystery of perception.

The symposium focus was on the "contemporary modes of photographic publishing". There was a range of presentations by "photographers, artists and other industry specialists" highlighting the pros and cons of traditional and alternative ways of the distribution of the photographic images.



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