IC - portfolio reviews - new references

The portfolio clinique and the portfolio reviews during the IoP Symposium at Falmout University were a unique chance to speak face to face with experienced practitioners and photography teachers. I signed up for as many as I could without worrying that particular person's area of interest is totally different than mine. I thought it will be good to hear all the variety of opinions or questions and I was right.

The huge advantage of the multiple reviews was the necessity to articulate the short statement/introduction for each of the reviewers which forced me to think of the concise and informative description. 

At the end of the reviews I had a quite precious reflection about what is still important for me, which ideas are exciting to talk about and which I am already bored with or feel they're exploited and not worth to develop further. Talking about the same almost ten times during the short period of time really has that effect. During the last reviews I focused mainly on those works which felt most interesting for me, skipping the other series I initially considered relevant. 

I got the impression that the reviewers were genuinely interested in the methods and techniques I developed during the last months especially the most recent one based on the idea of rephotographing the image on the computer screen and through that adding the layers of virtually generated patterns (moire, screen grid).

The list of new precious references I obtained during the reviews:

  • Elisa Sighicelli
  • Richard Caldicott
  • Anthony McCall
  • Jess Bonham
  • Anna Lomax
  • Geta Bratescu
  • Peter Fraser
  • Mitch Payne
  • Rachel Whiteread
  • Vilem Flusser "Towards a Philosophy of Photography"
  • Jane Bennet "Vibrant Matter"
  • Harman, Tim Marton "Object oriented ontologies"