IC - Week 6 - Moire

Another attempt this week to understand better the moire pattern which is an important part of my works. Moire is a common optical phenomenon usually considered as an unwanted side effect, esspecially in photography and film. In my works it appears not just on the fragments of the image affected by the overlaid patterns as it usually happens, but on the whole image because it is the camera and screen sensors interacting with each other, not the camera and the photographed subject. When recorded on the photograph it became a layer of abstract pattern cought in one of its infinite states...  

When researching this subject I have found a couple of interesting artists and they publications.

Takahiro Kurashima
The 'Poemotion 2' by Takahiro Kurashima and published by Lars Müller turned out to be an amazing visual feast demonstrating really increadible evidence how "interactivity is also possible in the format of the analogous, bound book". I was a bit disappointed though with the fact it is a purely visual piece and there is not even one line of written word there.

From the publisher note:

"The abstract graphic patterns in this slim volume start to move as soon as the reader overlays them with the special film enclosed: moiré effects create complex shapes, make circles start to spin, and set graphic patterns vibrating. New in Poemotion 2 is the use of color. The observer discovers playfully how optical overlaps between colorful figures and shapes come about, are set in motion, and then disappear again." Lars Müller Publishers

Karsten Nicolai

Karsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto is apparently a well known multidisciplinary artist, especially at the European stage. I have never came across his works before though...only now when looking for the informations about the moire phenomenon.

He is an visual and sound artist and for him there is no border between those two disciplines. His spectacular projects combine sound, visuals, space and architecture. He devoted a multiple projects and publications to the moire phenomenon. The book is out of sale but I bought another one: "Parallel Lines Cross at Infinity" with the selection of his most important projects. The art, nature and science fusion in a really high end form.


Liz Deschens

Liz Deschens is another artist who address the intriguing phenomenon of moire. She is a contemporary visual artist dealing with photography in an experimental way. Her well known "Moire" series is produced using the analogue records and cameraless technique (photogram). 

The note from MoMA page about the aquired Deschen's image:

Liz Deschens #Moire25  2009

Liz Deschens #Moire25  2009

"To create this work, the artist took a sheet of perforated paper, placed it against a well–lit window, and recorded two exposures on eight-by-ten-inch black-and-white negatives. She then superimposed the two negatives slightly off-kilter on an enlarger. Printed on color photographic paper, the final image features a unique moiré pattern and a startlingly vibrant optical effect." (Moma)

I like what she said about photography- totally agree with her:

“Photography has always been a hybrid,” (...)“I’m really defiant about the idea that photography is this or that. Black-and-white, color—I’m not interested in that. Narrative, non-narrative—those are ways of oversimplifying the discipline, so that you can just dismiss it. If you put something in a category, then you don’t have to think about it anymore.” (Greenberger, ArtNews)

The interesting form of moire effect is its audible form of two sound samples with slightly different speeds overlaid. It would be a great addition to my images.