IC - Week 6 - See of images

There is a sea of photographic images indeed and a lot of 'issues' caused by the ambiguity of this medium but so is as well a sea of spoken and written words which cause confusions or even conflicts since they inception.

I don't think the amount of images is a problem and all the opinions that there are too many photographs and we should stop creating the new ones seems to me too extreme and unjustified.

"There's no point in making any more images" (...)There are already enough photographs in the world... What we need to do is re-read the images we already have." Victor Burgin | TateShots

This point of view articulated by Burgin and other artists like Stazeker or Baldessari may be an effective art manifesto highlighting the negative aspects of ominous presence of photographs in contemporary world, but for me not convincing at all. We wouldn't say that there are too many notes in the notebooks, blogs, reports, newspapers, books etc and we should recycle all those written visions, thoughts and facts. Why the idea that there are too many images may have sense for anyone - I have no clue. 

Wassily Kandinsky wrote:

"Every work of art is the child of its age and, in many cases, the mother of our emotions. If follows that each period of culture produces and art of its own which can never be repeated." (Kandynsky, p.1)

The problem is, in my opinion, that we still struggle with the categorisation of photography. It is impossible to avoid confusions and misinterpretations when placing everything, from the nonchalant snapshot to thoughtful art piece, into one pot labelled 'photography'. There are a lot of genres of the photographically generated images but they all still refer to word 'photography'. 

In the world of written words, there is a 'note', 'diary', 'novel', 'poem' etc. All of those forms refer to the same medium but it is very hard to confuse them because they are characterised by the unique word....

Anyway, I think we can't and shouldn't stop making, taking, creating photographic images.