IC - Week 7 - Project development

Time is an important attribute of my works. It seems quite obvious but I ignored that fact so far.

It is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because my works are build up in the process of adding layers which sometimes takes place during several hours but sometimes even weeks. Secondly, because they reflect the constant flow of matter and the forms which I am 'furnishing' space with, are a metaphor of the different state of that place in time. 

There is an interesting paradox in the method of building the image by rephotographing its new instances. The camera records the initial space as it exists in front of the lens and all other steps involve the purely indexical capture of the image with some additional elements in front of it, but the final image represents something which never existed in one particular space and time. A slices of a real situations which blends into one irreality.


I noticed I am more often bringing back the memory of the process of painting. I used to observe the surroundings and sketch out the essence of the forms/compositions I was interested in. That was a starting point for most of my paintings. So the current process of recording the particular space with the configuration of forms, and then adding up to it seems similar. It isn't my intention to make my works to looks like paintings but the reference to painterly qualities is rather inevitable.

Is the process of distancing from the indexical representation to formalistic compositions visible on my photographs? Are the methods I am using at the moment effective? How the non-artists/photographers response to my images? Does it matter actually? I still don't know the answers yet.