IC - Week 9 - Photogenic painting

I 'googled' today the phrase 'photogenic painting' as I often think of it in context of my works and I found Barbara Kasten. I am seriously amazed with her early works from 70’s (Photogenic painting and Amalgam series in particular), and I strongly identify with her way of seeing and thinking about abstract forms, light and painterly potential of photography. 

Barbara Kasten, Refraction III, 1979, Crayon on photo linen

Barbara Kasten, Refraction III, 1979, Crayon on photo linen

Casten trained as a painter and, as she stated in the interview for Aperture, she was pushing the boundaries of painting, drawing and sculpture by the use of photography, not the other way round. She wasn't interested in the representations of the spacial relationship between the photographed objects she constructed but about the end result - the two dimensional 'object' which is a representation of the complex visual arrangements of light passing through the translucent forms. 

She wanted to remove any sense of representation and that's why she chosen the plexiglas to work with predominantly. Her works refer to aesthetics of Constructivism and Bauhaus school.

Some fragments of her comments from the interview:

"...we have no identification with meaning of the subjects matter, and I am not after the meaning of it, I am after the experience of it"
"....I am not so much interested in photography that looks like a painting as I am in photography that has a structure to it"...

When going through literally every single page on her website, I found out the information about the planned exhibition at TATE Modern which will be for me a real treat: http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/shape-light

From the 2nd May to 14th October "The shape of light" will be demonstrated in the works of such artists like Barbara Carsten, Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz, Lashlo Moholy-Nagy and others.