IC - Week 9 - Research

Antony Cairns create his interesting and distinctive works with the unique chemical-based techniques. 

A fragment of the description of one of his publications, (the 'LA-LV') explains roughly his methods: 

"All images in this volume were shot using Agfa APX 35mm film which was then reversal processed to make black and white transparencies. These chemically-altered photographs have hence been Duotone printed; deep black on silver ink, resulting in a metallic effect, remaining loyal to Cairns' characteristic style of printing on aluminium." Kominek Books

He explores similar methods for many years what makes his whole practice visually consistent and thanks to that, to stand out more from the crowd. Definitely  something I can only dream about at the moment. I am too impatient, or perhaps I could say too curious to spend a lot of time honing one method or subject"I like his simple but strong graphically photobooks. Some of them are very unconventional. I am looking forward to seeing his work at Tate Modern in May.