IC - Week 9 - Project development

Involuntary form - not sure if that phrase describes accurately what I think about but can't find any better... I want to describe the types of forms/compositions I focus on which exist without the intention, as a result of some utilitarian function or purposeful action - not as a deliberately configured objects.

There is a some peculiar beauty in the nonchalantly layered rubbish, staines, arrangements of chairs or the office utensils on the table in the room which everyone just left. That kind of compositions are almost impossible to fake. 

The arrangements I see are often an effect of the ability to "see photographically" which seem to getting stronger now; the ability to visualise the image before taking it - something what Ansel Adams describes as "the single most important factor in photography”(How to pre-visualise like Ansel Adams). It depends on the genre of photography and I wouldn't be so sure that it is the most important factor but definitely the one which is characteristic to all types of image-making.

My works are definitely a mixture of the pre-visualising the initial composition and then working intuitively and taking advantage of the artefacts occuring by the use of particular tools and methods, accidents and coincidences.