IC - Week 9 - Actions at Kettle's Yard

Actions. The image of the world can be different - the exhibition in the renovated Kettle's Yard gallery I visited yesterday following my tutor's - Paul Clemens recommendation. It doesn't happen very often that I visit an exhibition as it is logistically difficult and I often find quite disappointing the whole exhibition experience. Traveling far to see a couple of images displayed on the wall which I can as well see online or in a book is not always justified, but sometimes, or maybe in most cases, rather necessary to engage with work and understand its power.

There was a lot of recognised names among the artist invited to take part in that show. I wanted to see in particular the works of Gustav Metzger, Idris Khan, Naum Gabo and less known but brilliant conceptual artist Katie Paterson although I kind of knew that the large number of artists and not very big gallery space means a quite minimal representation of each of them. And I was right but it didn't matter. It was a good experience to refresh my knowledge about some artists I sort of neglected in the last years like Naum Gabo or Ben Nicholson. Funnily though the Gabo's sculptures trapped in the acrylic cubes gained a different dimension - I was drawn to the lines-edges of the geometric cube more than the sculpture inside. It is surely the sign of my current mode of obsessive observation of the light and 'involuntary forms' but perhaps also a strong sculptural quality of the transparent box itself. Maybe it is a matter of scale, it would work differently if the box was much larger than the sculpture inside and the relation of those two objects was weaker.

Kettle's Yard House is an exceptional place. The idea that works of art, in a lage numbers, can be accumulated in the domestic settings opened for everyone, is a great one. No photograph can gives this remarkable place a justice. It was such a great experience to be there, be able to seat on the chairs and sofas and contemplate the spectacular objects, walk throught the rooms and observe the functional configuration of objects, the relationship beetwen them, the interplay of dynamically changing light, shadows and reflections...


Exhibition: "Actions. The image of the world can be different", Kettles Yard gallery