IC - Week 5 - Gazing at photographs

My gaze is determined by the natural tendency to focus on abstract qualities of things.

I look at the forms, colours, structures, rhythms, patterns etc. The, often ineffable, attributes of the configuration of matter in a particular space and time - that is what grabs my attention regardless of where I am. My gaze is free from the social, economical and cultural aspects. There is no nationality, gender or religion involved. In my recent practice I focus on ordinary things in relation to the place and try to reveal the essence of their form, make more prominent the intriguing qualities as well as other aspects of their silent presence.

I try to figure out as well how to translate into photographic image my interest in the structure of matter and physical phenomenons which I perceive more intensively since I became looking at the world through the lens in a more conscious way (conscious of the photographic choices).

My gaze is becoming more and more obsessive and sophisticated. I see the visual potential in a spaces I have not paid attention to before, but I look at them not exactly as they are, but as they will be captured by the camera with specific lens and settings.