IC - Week 10 - Project development

I am still shooting because there is something not working well in the selection for the WIP portfolio. I decided to come back to another idea from the beginning of the module I dropped on the way - the fusion of analogue and digital. I scanned some most succesful shots I took with Canon A1 just before the IoP Symposium, and rephotographed displayed on the screen to capture the geometry of the screen display, moire artefacts and some new forms to make the form, colour and composition more prominent than the fact that it is a bathroom wall. 

Those works stands out a bit and I am not sure if i will include them in the final selection but I like them a lot. 

I've made also some new digital compositions which are straigh shots with some minimal post production touch. I am really happy with the image below in particular which for me a perfect example of camera's ability to construct reality. The rhomboid form in the center of the image is an reflection in the laptop screen. The right settings of the camera, accurate lens, precise vantage point, light and ability to pre-visualise the image (which I am getting better and better at) - all those factors were necessary to record this image. I like the way the screen with reflection blends with the background of the white doors. It isn't what I saw when looking at the scene without the lens. It is only thanks to the camera and lens parameters I was able to record it this way. 

I am happy also with this shot which is the second, or third attaempt to capture that fragment of the room with black wall, window seal, TV screen and lamp. The is an effect of negative space which define the bright window side wall as a geometric shape.