IC - Week 9 - Thoughts and ideas

While listening again to Jeff Wall interviewed by Marc-Christoph Wagner at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art again, I came up with the concept of 'life' of the form, the process of 'growing' the image, directing the stages of its development by applying various techniques... It is related to the method I use to generate the image where through multiple iterations of rephotographing the image and making prominent or obscuring some forms, I produce the phases of images 'existence'. I don't remember what triggered that chain of thoughts but listening to Jeff Wall is usually enlightening in one way or another...

I am reading about Gustav Metzger's "Auto-destructive art" as well which surely gives me a basis for a different perspective on the dynamic nature of forms. Some key points of his manifesto for 1959:

"Auto-destructive art can be created with natural forces, traditional art techniques and technological techniques." (Metzger in Danchev p.344)
"Auto-destructive paintings, sculptures and constructions have a lifetime varying from a few moments to twenty years. wnen the disintegrative process is complete the work is to be removed from the site and scraped" (Metzger in Danchev p.344-345)
"There are forms of auto-destructive art where the artist has a tight control over the nature and timing of disintegrative process, and there are other forms where the artist's control is slight" (Metzger in Danchev p.345)
Documenting the beginning, development and the end of form/composition sounds very exciting to me at the very moment. I could apply multiple methods of changing, 'growing' the image (painting, drawing on the image, screen rephotography, applying some physical treatment like burning or scratching), record all the significant stages of its development and perhaps create a slow-motion animation based on that...I could also show alternative scenarios of its life....and death.